Disappointment added to my despair of life, but it was also so hard for me to die. I tore my hair frantically, and my dancing arm accidentally touched the bedside table lamp. I immediately calmed down and looked at the lamp. I knew that I finally had a way to end my life. I gently turned the light off the lampshade and put it on the bedside table. I was going to put my finger in the lampshade, but I accidentally touched the light on the ground. The sound of "PATA" disturbed them. The quarrel in the living room stopped suddenly, and they rushed in Xiaoman came back that evening. She had been working in Shenzhen. I heard her father and mother crying sadly in the living room. When she had cried enough, she began to scold the people in the living room. She scolded them for being inhuman. Why didn't she be informed of such a big thing? If she hadn't heard her friend say it, she still didn't know. Yes, anyone can forget her, and I also forget her in my grief. She is the adopted daughter of my father and his ex-wife, the daughter of a distant cousin in the countryside. My father's ex-wife died of illness before she married my mother. When I was born, Xiao man was just seven years old. Xiaoman is actually called Xiaoman, because she is like a hedgehog. Whoever provokes her, she will extend her "thorn" to stab Whoever, so everyone will call her Xiaoman.